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LCD vs Plasma

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There's much to get excited about with LCD's. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and you may have discerning between plasma and LCD televisions. Mostly this would be the debated topic and a funny one. Plasma technology consist thousands of individual pixel cells, which allow electric pulses to excite rare natural gases - usually xenon and neon causing them to glow and produce light. This light illuminates the proper balance of red, green, or blue phosphors contained in each cell to display the proper color sequence from the light. LCD monitors reproduce colors through a process of subtraction ie., they block out particular colour wavelengths from the spectrum of white light until they are left with just the right color. And, it's the intensity of light permitted to pass through this liquid-crystal matrix that enables LCD televisions to display images with crystal clear quality. These LCD's also utilizes electrical chargers to twist and untwist the liquid crystals, which causes them to block light and, hence, emit blacks. Apart from these info, Average screen sizes range from 32 " to 63 " in Plasma and 13" to 65" in LCD. Plasma displays are fairly heavy, and may need additional supports to be mounted onto a wall where as LCD TVs weigh less than comparably sized plasma TVs and it can be easily mounted on a wall.

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