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Get More Followers With Twidium

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Twidium is clever Twitter software which is used to increase the twitter account followers (Get More Followers). This is a Twitter client product from which uses the mass following technique and has a 4 stars Softsea rating as well. The Twidium will send request to some specific Twitter accounts and the request will make those specific users to follow the tweets and makes traffic to the website.

Twidium Get More Followers Tool is a solution for optimizing your Twitter account by increasing the number of followers you have. It uses mass following by sending out following requests to specific accounts. By sending these requests to various theme accounts, more accounts will start to follow you, bringing you more attention and, ultimately, traffic to your website. 

Using this software, if another account does not start to follow your own, you can automatically stop following it after two days. While mass following can be controversial in the world of social networking, Twidium uses a specific method of clever following. The application does not spam other people's accounts, but only targets the specific theme accounts. This means that your account is far more likely to get genuinely interested followers, provided that you have something worthy to share. There are many parameters that you can set when you start using the software and it allows you to professionally and reliably to get more followers.

With the help of the Twidium software, if any account does not follow you then you can automatically stop following that particular account after two days. There are some steps to be followed for a huge increase in account followers:
  • Change the standard avatar to unique one
  • Change the account background
  • Fill the bio, Name and Location fields with as much information as you can.
  • How does Mass Following works
This is the process which has some basic and unique principles to follow and to start the mode one should select the Project-> Create New Project-> Mass following options. While you select the keywords, a list of accounts will be selected where these keywords appear.

While mass following became controversial in the world, Twidium uses unique and clever method of following. The program will analyze the selected accounts and compares them with the parameters and only if the account meets all parameters then the program will send the request.

If the account did not meet any one of the parameters then the program will skip that particular account to avoid spamming, so one should be very careful while setting the parameters. The software does not spam the other people’s account but selects the specific theme account to follow.

Features of Twidium:
The Twidium has several unique features which will help you to increase your account followers and some of the features are:
  • Clever Following: In this mass following mode the software will search the account with specific keywords and match them with the search criteria automatically. In this Twidium software you can use 7 different search criteria to search for the particular theme accounts. This tool follows the accounts which are genuine and not spam ones through the way it searches.
  • List Following: This software will select the account which matches the keywords and then choose search criteria for the automatic selection of accounts so that the program can follow it clearly.
  • Unfollowing: The Twidium Software will find the accounts which are not following you so the program automatically skips those accounts and unfollow them.
  • Proxy support: There is a fully automatic work with Proxy servers which helps to avoid Twitter limits.
  • Unlimited number of Accounts: There are options to work with other accounts when there are no limits on some accounts so you will not get locked out of the Twitter.
  • Save time: If you set up the project and start once then the program will do the entire operation on the project.
  • Get More Follower: Get more follower to your Twitter account as soon as possible!

If you are looking to enhance your social media power by using Twitter then Twidium is very much needed for you. I’ve used this program myself and can fully ensure you that this program helps a lot. I’ve tried this in my test Twitter account and it worked!

Let's download twidium and get full version to get more followers as much as possible with ease. For more information please click here

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