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Book "Clinical Drug Data, 11th Edition"

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This handbook, which in its early lustrous years served physicians, pharmacists, and pharmacy students, is unlike any other drug reference book in that it allows readers to compare and contrast various drugs within drug categories, thereby enabling them to make decisions on which drug to administer. All other drug reference books merely repeat the drug manufacturers' literature, with no analysis of that information. Nor are there any reports from the published literature concerning use and efficacy of the drugs listed. The clinical drug information with part II contains chapters on drug-induced diseases, drug interactions and interferences, drug use in special populations, immunization, medical emergencies, and nutrition support. There are also appendices that contain useful conversion factors, anthropometrics, and laboratory indices.

Uniquely designed to allow comparisons within drug categories, McGraw-Hill Handbook of Clinical Drug Data 11th Edition  is the most comprehensive, well-referenced book available on the selection, use, and clinical aspects of virtually any drug. Compiled by expert clinicians, this quick-access guide delivers the data you need to prevent adverse drug reactions in your patients and help you select drugs for both general and special patient populations.

  • Comprehensive comparison charts of drugs by class for easy clinical decision making
  • Tables that help rapidly identify the cause of adverse drug effects in your patients
  • Guides to the optimal choice of drugs in special populations, such as pregnant and breastfeeding women, renal disease, and dialysis
  • The only referenced drug handbook--includes over 3,600 literature citations
  • Tabbing guide for easy location of drug categories
  • Extensive cross-referenced index that includes Canadian and British drug 

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