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ChemSpider, Seach Engine Chemistry

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ChemSpider is a chemistry search engine. It has been built with the intention of aggregating and indexing chemical structures and their associated information into a single searchable repository and making it available to everybody, at no charge. ChemSpider is a value added offering since many properties have been added to each of the chemical structures within the database – structure identifiers such as SMILES, InChI, IUPAC and Index Names as well as many physicochemical properties. We intend ChemSpider to offer the fastest chemical structure searches available online and delivered with the flexibility and usability necessary to encourage repeat usage. What problems will ChemSpider solve? There are tens if not hundreds of chemical structure databases and no single way to search across them. There are databases of curated literature data, chemical vendor catalogs, molecular properties, environmental data, toxicity data, analytical data and on and on. The only way to know whether a specific piece of information is available for a chemical structure is to have simultaneous access to all of these databases. Since many of these databases are for profit there is no way to easily determine the availability of information within these commercial or even in the open access databases. With ChemSpider the intention is to aggregate into a single database all chemical structures available within open access and commercial databases and to provide the necessary pointers from the ChemSpider search engine to the information of interest. This service will allow users to either access the data immediately via open access links or have the information necessary to continue their searches into commercially available systems. The question “is there specific information about my chemical” will be answered. Accessing the information may require a commercial transaction with the appropriate provider.
FoundedFlag of the United States

Raleigh, North Carolina,

February, 2007
Key peopleAntony Williams, President
IndustryInternet, Information science
ParentRoyal Society of Chemistry

Indonesian Language Version:
Royal Society of Chemistry mengumumkan bahwa dia telah mengakuisisi sebuah proyek mesin pencari (search engine) berdasarkan struktur kimia yang mampu mencari dan memberikan data jutaan informasi sifat fisika dan kimia senyawa-senyawa kimia. Mesin pencari yang diberi nama ChemSpider didukung oleh sumber data yang terpercaya dari pustaka ilmiah maupun sumbangan dari narasumber komunitas kimia dan teknik kimia. Untuk senyawa yang belum teridentifikasi, sifat-sifat kimia-fisikanya dihitung dengan pendekatan menggunakan program ACD/LAB. Pengembang Chemspider mengatakan bahwa data-data yang diberikan dapat digunakan sebagai data skunder yang layak disertakan dalam publikasi.
Pencarian data senyawa bisa dimulai dari nama dagang, penamaan menurut IUPAC, identifikasinomor registrasi (CAS), penamaan struktur metode SMILES dan InChI. Tabulasi data yang diberikan bisa meliputi struktur kimia, informasi umum semacam Wikipedia, daftar literatur ilmiah terkait, data fisika (dari eksperimen maupun pendekatan komputasi) maupun daftar paten terkait.

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good job my friends..

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Makasih mas faik...

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