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Partition Manager Professional 9.0

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Paragon Partition Manager 9.0 is an integrated set of powerful tools that is specially designed to tackle most of the problems the user might face while using PC.

A highly intelligent program engine together with built-in advanced recovery facilities make it possible to securely carry out partitioning operations of any complexity, optimize performance of NTFS and FAT file systems, migrate the system to another hard disk, etc. without fear to lose precious data.

Setting up major operations is accomplished by using practical wizards. Each step of the wizard includes in-depth information in order to allow the user to make the right choice. Graphical representations of the data help the user to gain a better understanding.

The built-in Bootable Recovery Media of Partition Manager Professional will make sure that data and system access are protected in the event of a drive failure.

  Partition Manager 9.0 Professional allows you to:
· Redistribute Unused Disk Space - easily resize your partition(s) without any data loss
· Perform advanced partitioning operations: resize/move/copy/merge/undelete partitions
· Change partition properties: hide/unhide, make active/inactive, assign/remove drive letter, change volume label, convert file system, etc.
· Change disk properties: change SID, change primary slots
· Clone hard disks or separate partitions
· Redistribute unused disk space - easily resize your partitions without any data loss
· Volume Explorer (fully embedded within the application) - quickly browse FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2 or Ext3 FS partition, edit or copy files and folders
· Defragment partitions and optimize their cluster size

Here are some key features of "Partition Manager Professional":

· Comprehensive wizards to simplify even the most complex operations.

· Previewing the resulting layout of hard disks before actually executing operations (so-called virtual operations).

· Simple backup/restore facilities to secure your system and data. (Restore function is only available for Linux/DOS and WinPE Recovery CDs.)

Support of basic techniques to store backup images:
· Backup to local mounted (Drive Letter Assigned) partitions;
· Backup to a network drive to stand a better chance of success in case of a hard disk failure;

· Copy partition/hard disk facilities to successfully transfer all on-disk information including standard bootstrap code and other system service structures, thus maintaining the operating system's working capability. Besides it can be used as another means of data backup.

· Partition/Hard disk management facilities to perform partitioning operations (create, format, delete, convert, move/resize, merge, redistribute, etc.), mount partitions of different file system types, modify file system parameters, providing the ability to successfully migrate operating systems to larger hard disks, optimize the disk system performance (defragmentation), etc.

· File Transfer Wizard to make such operations as copying of separate files/directories or burning of them to CD/DVD as easy and convenient as possible. It may be of particular use in case of a system malfunction, cased either by a virus attack or files corruption, in order to get the system back on track. The key advantage of it is that it provides access to Paragon backups as regular folders to browse through their contents or copy required files.

· Volume Explorer is a handy tool when you have different file systems on the disk, whether they contain an operating system or just data. Volume Explorer will let you explore a file system of any type and will provide access to the necessary files and directories regardless of their security attributes.

· Recovery Media Builder to create a bootable media, which can be used to boot your computer in case of an operating system failure. Besides, it gives you such functions as saving data from partitions on your hard disk directly to compact discs and burning ISO-images. The utility supports various formats of laser disks: CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R, DVD+R double layer and can handle multi-session burning.

· Network Configuration Wizard to establish a network connection under Linux either to save a backup of a partition/hard disk or just several files on a network computer or retrieve a previously made backup from a network computer for restoration purposes.


· CPU: Intel Pentium CPU or its equivalent, with 300 MHz or higher processor clock speed
· RAM: 128 MB of RAM required, Paragon Advanced Recovery CD requires 512 MB
· Disk space: Hard disk drive with 35 MB of available space
· Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
· SVGA video adapter and monitor
· Mouse

Free Download Partition Manager Professional 9.0 

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