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Foods For Healthy Skin

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Eating foods for healthy skin is a good choice. It is for the rest of the body good, too. But you should be aware of the value of a good cream for skin care. If it contains the right ingredients, it can be “direct” food.
The skin of the outer layer of dead cells of skin is completely dead. They are produced by stem cells located in the dermis layer is accompanied by the melanocytes (pigment producing melanin in response to sunlight) and elastic fibers.
When we are young are the stem cells produce 24 hours a day. The entire outer layer (epidermis) in four weeks or less replaced. Thousands of dead cells are removed each day, as new way to the surface. As we age, everything slows down.
As the epidermal cells are dead, one might think they have no food. But in order to obtain protection from deeper layers and internal body which is the object they should use all the nutrients in foods for healthy skin.
There are no blood vessels in the skin. Thus, it is their nutrition through a process called diffusion. Nutrients are “missed” in the deeper layers. As expected, this process is somewhat inefficient and there is even less efficient with age. Deficiency in essential fatty acids causes dryness and flaking. The vitamin C deficiency causes weakened fibers, flanges, minor injuries and bleeding. But if it can be deficient in protein in your diet, replacement of the epidermis can be achieved.

A food for healthy skin, which is recommended by doctor’s popular diet, is salmon. There is even a dermatologist, it is reduced to eating every day, then folds. Who knows if it’s true? But one thing we know for sure. Salmon is a good source of protein, essential fatty acids and various antioxidants.
When it comes to direct feeding, antioxidants are a must. Includes all creams skin care they should. Many of them, but few contain a quantity large enough to be effective.
Some of the most powerful antioxidants are not the staple food for healthy skin. For example, coenzyme Q10 is an important antioxidant, which is rapidly exhausted by overexposure to the sun, one cause of wrinkles, sagging and other signs of aging. However, coenzyme Q10 is not in things that most people eat. The highest concentrations are in the heart and other viscera.
Fortunately, we did not eat these things. We can make a good supplement containing CoQ10, and there are skin creams very good care that contain it. Studies have shown that the use of CoQ10 creams SO repair the damage reduces wrinkles reverse roughness and improves the moisture of the skin. These are things that could make the food for a healthy skin over time.

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