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Full Circle is the fourth album by the American rock band Creed, released on October 26, 2009, one day earlier than previously expected. It is Creed's first release since their 2004 compilation album Greatest Hits, their first studio album since 2001's Weathered, and their first studio album to feature original bassist Brian Marshall in almost exactly a decade. The record was produced by Howard Benson. The album was completed on July 31, 2009, as announced by Scott Stapp. Four days later, the album cover was revealed through the band's official e-news.

The album is a departure from Creed's previous work and features heavier songs in drop tunings. There are also more guitar solos, as heard on the album, originally announced by Mark Tremonti on his Twitter page when he stated that he is "very proud of the solos on this record."

Track Listing:

All songs written and composed by Creed.
# Title Length
1. "Overcome" 3:47
2. "Bread of Shame" 3:56
3. "A Thousand Faces" 4:54
4. "Suddenly" 3:31
5. "Rain" 3:27
6. "Away in Silence" 4:40
7. "Fear" 4:05
8. "On My Sleeve" 4:14
9. "Full Circle" 4:08
10. "Time" 5:55
11. "Good Fight" 3:55
12. "The Song You Sing" 4:08
13. "Silent Teacher" (iTunes pre-order bonus track) 3:44

Download Full Album: The New Album Creed 2009 "FULL CIRCLE"
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