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Book "Neuroscience at a Glance"

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"This is the best introductory textbook to the subject... I have no doubt that Neuroscience at a Glance will... become a trusted companion for medical students." Guy's, King's & St Thomas' (GKT) Gazette"

The book is divided into 47 'chapters'. In each, a comprehensive series of annotated diagrams is given, identifying the key concepts of that section. These diagrams are clear and easy to follow. The text is extremely concise, with significant terms all lettered in bold."The Gubernaculum, Melbourne University's Medical Society Newsletter "Rating * * * * *.

Excellent summaries, to the point, very good foundation upon which students can develop an interest in neuroscience. Ideal for pre-clinical students. "Cambridge Medicine, Addenbrookes Clinical Medical School "Neuroscience at a Glance gives you just the right amount of information presented in a student-friendly format...There is also a free online companion to the book at containing glossaries and relevant further reading signposts which I found useful.In my opinion, it gives the student everything needed to learn about and understand the working of the brain and spinal cord without bogging you down by over-complicating things."

"Neuroscience.. would have been much easier to understand if I had had this book" Barts and the London Chronicle "...describes with ease the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system in a fashion tailored for undergraduate learning. The user friendly layout allows the reader to identify the key information "at a glance" and draw upon the simple yet effective diagrams."Student BMJ "If this book had been available when my colleagues and I were grappling with the intricacies of Neuroscience, I have no doubt it would have eased our way into the subject more smoothly. This is ideally suited to the pre-clinical student needing to get to grips with complicated subjects - fast.......

To quote from the English Philosopher, Francis Bacon: 'Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.' A place in the latter category is certainly commanded by 'Neuroscience at a Glance' ! Guy's Gazette/2000 "This book covers a lot of ground for such a slim volume!...The format is simple and logical. is an excellent introduction to neuroscience." J. Electrophysiol. Technol. (2003), pp. 28-29 Published reviews of the 2nd Edition "The book was aimed at medical students, but I would recommend it to all trainees in neurophysiology:medical, technical and scientific. is an excellent introduction to neuroscience and will enable the reader to appreciate where his or her own area of interest lies in the scheme of things."

Journal of Electrophysiological Technology, 2003 "...a good example of a new, more integrated approach to medical training and teaching which tries to focus on entire systems rather than on peculiar aspects of the disciples involved (anatomy, physiology, neurochemistry, pharmacology, etc.) ...the modern layout and the schematic form of presentation are a useful and rapid tool for students and clinicians. Each section refers to the previous one, in a way that reading this book is like building a structure of neuroscience principles and mechanisms, that represents a solid basis to a better understanding of neurological disorders. ...a good review of the traditonally complex field of neurosciences. It is ideal for medical students and examination candidates that need an easy and immediate way to summarize basic neuroscience mechanisms with special reference to clinical implications." Journal of European Neurology.

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